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    The Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education 

    The INSTITUTE trains professionals in the fields of culture, amateur and professional art in 15 directions (specialties) and 4 directions Magistracy, Postgraduate Course. 
    There is a system of life long art education at the INSTITUTE. The academic year includes pre – Institute, additional training and re-training, raising the level of professional skill in 32 licensed educational programs, realization of secondary professional educational programs. 
    The Structure of the INSTITUTE presents: 
    Faculties: The Faculty of Information Resources and Design, the Musical Faculty, the Choreographic Faculty, the Faculty of Artistic Creation; 
    The Institute of Complementary Education;
    Scientific Library; 
    Publishing House; 
    Departments: the department of scientific and research work, the department of educational work, the department of information technologies; 
    Concert and producer centre; 
    Educational theatre; 
    Assistance centre of students’ employment and graduates’ job placement;
    other departments. 
    About 70% of academic staff has scientific degrees and academic status honored with honorary federal ranks. Besides that masters of stage, leading lecturers of the capital and foreign educational establishments, workers of art and culture take an active part in the scientific, educational and creative process of the INSTITUTE. Annually more than 500 titles of educational, scientific and methodic books, more than 30 scientific and creative monographs are printed.


The Direction of training

Bachelor Training   

39.03.02 Social Work

43.03.02  Tourism

46.03.02 Document conducting and Archives conducting

50.03.01 Art and Humanitarian Sciences

51.03.02  Folk Artistic Culture

51.03.03  Social and Cultural Activity

51.03.04 Museology and Protection of Objects of Cultural and Nature Heritage

51.03.05  Direction of Theatrical Shows and Holidays

51.03.06  Library and Information Activity

52.03.01  Choreographic Art

53.03.02  Musical and Instrumental Art

53.03.04  Art of Folk Singing

53.03.05  Conducting

53.03.06 Musicology and Music and Applied Art

54.03.01  Design


51.04.02 Folk Art Culture

51.04.03 Social and Cultural Activity

51.04.04  Museology and Protection of Objects of Cultural and Nature Heritage

51.04.06 Library and Information Activity


52.05.01 Acting Art

Postgraduate Course:

Education and Pedagogical Sciences


Assistance – probation

The Art of Conducting (Conducting of Academic Choir; Conducting of the Folk Instrument Orchestra).

The programmes of additional professional education

53.03.02  Musical and Instrumental Art(teacher of the piano, concertmaster). The course of studies is 9 months.

51.03.02  Folk Artistic Culture (painter) The course of studies is 2 years.

54.03.01  Design (Design of interiors) The course of studies is 9 months.